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FASHION! Shop Modern and Timeless Styles. LIFT 80 can be worn anywhere, any time. Different styles for each season. Subscribe to stay updated on latest drops! I originally came up with the idea for lift 80 when I was snowboarding with a couple of my friends. It was a great day out, with almost every run being more fun than the last. I noticed that several times that day, we ended up riding on chair lift 80. I subconsciously connected lift 80 with a great/ fun time. That is all this company is about; just having a good time and not worrying about anything other than the things you love. I created this clothing company to remind people that you have only one life and that you should live in the moment and stay happy while looking good!

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We try to design our products to be timeless! Our products are classic and are perfect for every day wear no matter where you are. We offer a variety of styles, logos, and colors, so you never get bored of us ! We hope you enjoy your purchase!


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